Current Design (Normal, Cyberpunk, Extra)
 Append Design + VCV Design

Example Video:

Name: ROUGE (or Rouge)
Age: She's a robot so ??? (Sounds teenaged.)
Voice: Not very mature but not especially high. Sounds better (in my opinion)/older in lower ranges (However doesn't work too well in C3. C4 is optimal.) Sounds best when used with Freesampler. Don't use too much g-/ place her too high or she becomes extremely squeaky. She sometimes sounds better if you render the files both high and low and mix them together, or render the harmonies high/lower, ect.

Noticeable unique accent (this was intended). Doesn't get in the way of Japanese pronunciation most of the time, but English is very noticeably affected.

Accent is also rather indescribable.

Current act: 4.5.2
Type: CV, Tri-tone Japanese with English (some VC & consonant blend samples) and Spanish supplement. Unstringed, Romaji encoded with Hiragana aliases (where applicable)

Act 4.6 (Oto update Pre-release ver.)
Updates: Fixed otos for the higher and lower pitch, adjusted mid-pitch otos, cleaner frqs.

Act 4.6 Release Ver.

April Fool's Joke Append (ROUGE Shota Version)
Append: In progress (Tri-tone CV Stringed, Romaji encoded)

VCV: In progress (Romaji encoded w. Hiragana aliases, Unstringed.)

UTAU Wiki page:
Extra Art: 1 2
Song List:

Uploaded by Creator:
Meltdown (Old version)
Korosu X (Old version)
Chain Girl
Just Be Friends
Matryoshka (Old Version. With Hamu Oishiine)
Bad Romance
Only My Railgun (Old version, really bad)
Corruption Garden
Neko Neko ☆ Super Fever Night
Mrs. Pumpkin's Comical Dream (With CAFE)
Rotten Girl Grotesque Romance (Timing needs to be fixed)
Cruel Angel's Thesis (With VIOLETTE)
Connect (Mahou Shojou Madoka Magica Theme)
Love is War (Pandora Remix)
Headphone Actor
Only My Railgun (Fixed Ver.)
Runaway Boy and Lost Girl
Trick and Treat (with VERT)
Cyber Thunder Cider
World's End Dancehall (With BLEU)
iNSaNiTY (With VERT)
Original PV: Sorry For Being a Closet Otaku (With VERT and Masaki Kana)
Matryoshka (Improv Ver.) (With Hamu Oishiine)
One Who Falls at The Name of God
Mozaik Role (Improv Ver.) (with CAFE)
Declare War on all Voc@loid
Division -> Destruction of ProjectROUGE
Mozaik Role (Improv Ver.) (With CAFE)
Cloud Ruins
Declare War on All Voc@loid
Hurting for a Very Hurtful Pain (With VERT)
Tokarev and Girl
Monochrome Act
Korosu x (Redo)
1925 (with VERT)
Meltdown (Nitamago Remix)
Marry the Night

Finished but not uploaded:
Cendrillon (With Hamu Oishiine. Needs to be fixed.)
Chaining Intention
Nehanshika (With VERT)
Venomania (as one of the girls)
Uraomote Lovers (Original PV in progress.) (Song re-sync finished)
Final Reason

Original Songs
An Abuse of Numbers
A Song of Drums and Lost Memories
Space-Time's Usual Suspects (Chorus)
TekeTeke (Unofficial upload)
Mass Cult Suicide
Love the Damned


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